“We drew our inspiration from the glistening night sky, abundant with stars.

Jewellery that is symbolic, a representation of love, beauty & purpose.

Emotion that is captured within our name… Asteria, goddess of the stars.”

About US

We observe international trends while including our own unique personal style to our collections. We take cognisance of trends, lifestyle & functionality.
Each collection offers the wearer the opportunity to indulge in their choice of material or stones.

We believe that our destination is not necessarily where we are today but a guiding star for where we want to go.

Jewellery that speaks the language of the stars

Sparkle • Align • Transcend
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Sugar Dumpling Necklace
What we do

Jewellery Made With Love

Asteria was founded in 2017 by Shahista Gafoor and Zeenat Ebrahim. With a shared passion for luxury & glamour, a unique concept was created with themed collections built around daily wear, special occasions and once in lifetime moments to wear exceptional high fashion pieces.

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